KRH academy is the learning & development engine for all KRH project employees. The academy is dedicated to improve the quality of our employees’ performance, through a vigorous and thorough analysis of the job requirement and aligning it with the ever-changing market and competition. Through the platform, KRH Academy is expanding its services to offer its developed programs online and accessible by our employees and prestigious clients. Services also include Pre-job assessments, Employees’ onboarding program, Health & Safety awareness, other supplementary courses that support employees to manage change in critical times; such as COVID-19 pandemic.

Occupational Courses & Assessments

KRH Academy is an AHA Authorized Training Site and certified to deliver Heartsaver courses (CPR, FA and AED)

  • General English Courses (improving employees’ grammatical, conversational, reading and writing skills)
  • Industry-related English Course (teaching certain terminologies and phrases related to the employees’ job/field)
  • Recertification for Lifeguards and Fitness Instructors
  • English level-based Assessments
  • Sexual Harassment
  •  CTIPS training

General Awareness

  • Hygiene awareness session
  • Stress management Training
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